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Today's Quality is Tomorrow's Reputation

Aerotec Alloys has seen four generations manage and improve the metal casting process. We have done this without jeopardizing the reputation that our original founders worked so hard to build. For over 40 years, Aerotec Alloys has been making quality ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings for the aerospace, military, maritime, automobile and medical industries.

Our History

John Franklin started off as a pattern maker aboard the NAVY submarine-tender USS Sperry. After the NAVY, he took his knowledge of pattern making to Douglas Pattern Makers, and eventually ended up at the Andre Pattern workshop in Los Angeles' Produce Plaza. During the 1960s, Andre Pattern purchased the building in Norwalk that would eventually become the home of Aerotec Alloys. During the late 1960's John Franklin bought out Andre Pattern and hired his son, Bob Franklin, who at the time was a high school math teacher. In the mid 1970s, John and Bob bought out competitor Accurate Mold and moved their equipment and staff to Norwalk. Bob had a vision of moving the business forward by having a more complete process: “why make patterns when we can make the product too?"
Merging the pattern and molding services together, Accurate Mold became so busy that a larger building was purchased for use in Garden Grove. In the late 1970s, John Franklin sold his Garden Grove shop to Everest and Jennings International. In 1986 John Franklin retired, and Bob Franklin officially started Aerotec Alloys as full service investment foundry at the Norwalk location. Over the years, we at Aerotec Alloys have found that investment casting customers are searching more and more for a ready-to-use part. We have continually added resources to our foundry and now offer a full service experience. We can offer our expertise to assist during your casting design stages and throughout the entire casting and post-cast processes including machining and finish.
Aerotec Alloys History

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